How to use QR code for marketing

R codes were invented in Japan, where companies thought of using these bar codes to get closer to their clients. It was not long before the mobile tagging fashion took over, and today, we can blemish some original uses of Quick Response codes that obviously help you to grow your client base. To some, it may seem like a passing freak, but statistics proving the ability of the codes as an effective marketing tool have shocked them.

Qr code marketing have been around for more than 12 years now, long enough to tell you that they have been tried and tested for how could you use them to your company’s advantage. There are few ways to do that, and a few of them are listing following:-

Offer Goodies :– It is the oldest way of business. Give reward to your customers with gift is a fantastic marketing tool. It could be a promotional offer that includes reduced rates of the membership or the product or even future concession. Run these codes as a part of the print medium classified or adhesive it across your store and watch your fan base will boost.

Treasure Hunts :– Although it will not suit all products, organizing a treasure hunt through Qr code marketing is a convenient way to engage possible customers. What could be superior than to have a gift at the end of it? As introduce before, it can be irritating to organize, but well worth a try for a new product from a significant brand.



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