Creative ideas for promoting business with QR code marketing

QR codes were invented in Japan in 1994 by Denso, an automotive parts company. They were used to track the automobile parts during the manufacturing process. In 2003, they were brought into mobile marketing. They are being used in all the fields be it education, tourism or commerce. It is the latest technology used for providing a personalised marketing for your products and services.

You can give a thought to the following ideas for qr code marketing:

1) Website: Add the link of your website in the QR code, so that when the user scan it, he reaches your website.

2) Product packaging: Include your unique code on the packaging of the product you sell. It can be best used by the businesses, which sell products that need installation, because the user will scan the code for the instruction.

3) Restaurant Menu: This is one of the creative way of qr code marketing. Put a QR code on the menu card and take the user to your website providing them the recipes of their favorite dishes.

4) YouTube video and social networking: Point the code to any advertisement video of your business or to the profile page of your business.

5) Grocery coupons: Allow users to scan the code and reach the discount you are offering this week. You can update the code according to changes in the discount offer.

Want to try all these creative ideas? Search the net for a company dealing in QR codes. Many leaders providing marketing solutions for QR codes are present in US. They help in creating, printing, managing and updating the QR codes of your business.


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